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A Rust crate for cooking up Terminal User Interfaces

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What is Ratatui?

Ratatui is a Rust library for cooking up delicious TUIs (terminal user interfaces). It is a lightweight library that provides a set of widgets and utilities to build simple or complex rust TUIs.

Why Ratatui?

Ratatui is designed for developers and enthusiasts who want a lightweight alternative to graphical user interfaces and need applications that are to be deployed in constrained environments.

Who is this website for?

This website is for developers who want to learn how to build terminal user interfaces using Ratatui. We cover beginner guides to advanced patterns for developing terminal user interfaces.

Next Steps

Get started with Ratatui by following the installation guide. If you’re already set up, you can jump straight into the Hello World tutorial.


Check out the community showcase to see the apps and widgets that have been built using Ratatui.


Help us improve Ratatui by contributing to the project. You can contribute by reporting bugs, suggesting features, or even contributing code.