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Minimal Hello World

Demonstrates a minimal hello world

git clone --branch latest
cd ratatui
cargo run --example=minimal --features=crossterm

//! # [Ratatui] Minimal example
//! The latest version of this example is available in the [examples] folder in the repository.
//! Please note that the examples are designed to be run against the `main` branch of the Github
//! repository. This means that you may not be able to compile with the latest release version on
//!, or the one that you have installed locally.
//! See the [examples readme] for more information on finding examples that match the version of the
//! library you are using.
//! [Ratatui]:
//! [examples]:
//! [examples readme]:
use crossterm::{
event::{self, Event, KeyCode, KeyEventKind},
terminal::{disable_raw_mode, enable_raw_mode, EnterAlternateScreen, LeaveAlternateScreen},
use ratatui::{backend::CrosstermBackend, text::Text, Terminal};
/// This is a bare minimum example. There are many approaches to running an application loop, so
/// this is not meant to be prescriptive. See the [examples] folder for more complete examples.
/// In particular, the [hello-world] example is a good starting point.
/// [examples]:
/// [hello-world]:
fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
let mut terminal = Terminal::new(CrosstermBackend::new(std::io::stdout()))?;
execute!(terminal.backend_mut(), EnterAlternateScreen)?;
loop {
terminal.draw(|frame| frame.render_widget(Text::raw("Hello World!"), frame.size()))?;
if let Event::Key(key) = event::read()? {
if key.kind == KeyEventKind::Press && key.code == KeyCode::Char('q') {
execute!(terminal.backend_mut(), LeaveAlternateScreen)?;