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Apps using ratatui

Here you will find a list of TUI applications that are made using ratatui and tui.

Aside from those listed here, many other apps and libraries can be easily be found via the reverse dependencies on and GitHub:

πŸ’» Development Tools

  • desed: Debugging tool for sed scripts
  • gitui: Terminal UI for Git
  • gobang: Cross-platform TUI database management tool
  • joshuto: Ranger-like terminal file manager written in Rust
  • repgrep: An interactive replacer for ripgrep that makes it easy to find and replace across files on the command line
  • tenere: TUI interface for LLMs written in Rust
  • nomad: Customizable next-gen tree command with Git integration and TUI

πŸ•ΉοΈ Games and Entertainment

  • Terminal-based Battleship game
  • game-of-life-rs: Conway’s Game of Life implemented in Rust and visualized with tui-rs
  • oxycards: Quiz card application built within the terminal
  • minesweep: Terminal-based Minesweeper game
  • rust-sadari-cli: rust sadari game based on terminal! (Ghost leg or Amidakuji in another words)
  • tic-tac-toe: Terminal-based tic tac toe game

πŸš€ Productivity and Utilities

  • diskonaut: Terminal-based disk space navigator
  • exhaust: Exhaust all your possibilities for the next coming exam
  • gpg-tui: Manage your GnuPG keys with ease!
  • lazy-etherscan: A Simple Terminal UI for the Ethereum Blockchain Explorer
  • meteo-tui: French weather app in the command line
  • rusty-krab-manager: time management tui in rust
  • taskwarrior-tui: TUI for the Taskwarrior command-line task manager
  • tickrs: Stock market ticker in the terminal
  • tts-tui: Text to speech app that reads from clipboard
  • Jirust: A Jira TUI
  • igrep: Interactive Grep
  • todolist-rust: A terminal-based simple to-do app

🎼 Music and Media

🌐 Networking and Internet

  • adsb_deku/radar: TUI for displaying ADS-B data from aircraft
  • AdGuardian-Term: Real-time traffic monitoring and statistics for AdGuard Home
  • bandwhich: Displays network utilization by process
  • conclusive: A command line client for Plausible Analytics
  • gping: Ping tool with a graph
  • mqttui: MQTT client for subscribing or publishing to topics
  • oha: Top-like monitoring tool for HTTP(S) traffic
  • rrtop: Rust Redis monitoring (top like) app.
  • termscp: A feature rich terminal UI file transfer and explorer with support for SCP/SFTP/FTP/S3/SMB
  • trippy: Network diagnostic tool
  • tsuchita: client-server notification center for dbus desktop notifications
  • vector: A high-performance observability data pipeline
  • vincenzo: A bittorrent client for the terminal with vim-like keybindings

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» System Administration

  • bottom: Cross-platform graphical process/system monitor
  • kdash: A simple and fast dashboard for Kubernetes
  • kmon: Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor
  • kubectl-watch: A kubectl plugin to provide a pretty delta change view of being watched kubernetes resources
  • kubetui: TUI for real-time monitoring of Kubernetes resources
  • logss: A simple cli for logs splitting
  • oxker: Simple TUI to view & control docker containers
  • pumas: Power Usage Monitor for Apple Silicon
  • systeroid: A more powerful alternative to sysctl(8) with a terminal user interface
  • xplr: Hackable, minimal, and fast TUI file explorer
  • ytop: TUI system monitor for Linux
  • zenith: Cross-platform monitoring tool for system stats

🌌 Other

  • cotp: Command-line TOTP/HOTP authenticator app
  • cube timer: A tui for cube timing, written in Rust
  • hg-tui: TUI for viewing the website
  • hwatch: Alternative watch command with command history and diffs
  • poketex: Simple Pokedex based on TUI
  • termchat: Terminal chat through the LAN with video streaming and file transfer

Third Party Crates

  • ansi-to-tui β€” Convert ansi colored text to ratatui::text::Text
  • color-to-tui β€” Parse hex colors to ratatui::style::Color
  • rust-tui-template β€” A template for bootstrapping a Rust TUI application with Tui-rs & crossterm
  • simple-tui-rs β€” A simple example tui-rs app
  • tui-builder β€” Batteries-included MVC framework for Tui-rs + Crossterm apps
  • tui-clap β€” Use clap-rs together with Tui-rs
  • tui-log β€” Example of how to use logging with Tui-rs
  • tui-logger β€” Logger and Widget for Tui-rs
  • tui-realm β€” Tui-rs framework to build stateful applications with a React/Elm inspired approach
  • tui-realm-treeview β€” Treeview component for Tui-realm
  • tui-rs-tree-widgets: Widget for tree data structures.
  • tui-windows β€” Tui-rs abstraction to handle multiple windows and their rendering
  • tui-textarea: Simple yet powerful multi-line text editor widget supporting several key shortcuts, undo/redo, text search, etc.
  • tui-input: TUI input library supporting multiple backends and tui-rs.
  • tui-term: A pseudoterminal widget library that enables the rendering of terminal applications as ratatui widgets.
  • tui-big-text: A Rust crate that renders large pixel text as a ratatui widget using the glyphs from the font8x8 crate.
  • crokey: Crokey helps incorporate configurable keybindings in crossterm based terminal applications by providing functions to handle key combinations.