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Third Party Widgets Showcase

To add your widgets to this list, please read the Third Party Widgets README

Ratatui-image Crate Docs GitHub

ratatui-image is an image widget with multiple graphics protocol backends (sixel, iTerm2, kitty, etc).

ratatui-image demo

Throbber-widgets-tui Crate Docs GitHub

throbber-widgets-tui is a widget that displays throbber. Also-known-as an activity indicator, progress bar, loading icon, spinner, or ぐるぐる (guru guru).


Tui-big-text Crate Docs GitHub

tui-big-text is a rust crate that renders large pixel text as a widget using the glyphs from the font8x8 crate.


Tui-logger Crate Docs GitHub

tui-logger is widget for capturing and displaying logs.


Tui-menu Crate Docs GitHub

tui-menu is a menu widget that renders nestable menus.


Tui-nodes Crate Docs Sourcehut

tui-nodes is a Node graph visualization widget.


Tui-scrollview Crate Docs GitHub

tui-scrollview is a widget for creating scrollable views.

Demo of tui-scrollview

Tui-term Crate Docs GitHub

tui-term is a pseudoterminal widget.

Demo of tui-term

Tui-textarea Crate Docs GitHub

tui-textarea is a simple yet powerful text editor widget like <textarea> in HTML for ratatui and tui-rs. Multi-line text editor can be easily put as part of your TUI application.


Tui-tree-widget Crate Docs GitHub

tui-tree-widget is a widget built to show Tree Data structures.


Tui-widget-list Crate Docs GitHub

tui-widget-list is stateful widget list implementation List for Ratatui that allows to work with any list of widgets that implement to the Listable trait.