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UI - Exit Popup

We have a way for the user to view their already entered key-value pairs, and we have a way for the user to enter new ones. The last screen we need to create, is the exit/confirmation screen.

In this screen, we are asking the user if they want to output the key-value pairs they have entered in the stdout pipe, or close without outputting anything.

if let CurrentScreen::Exiting = app.current_screen {
f.render_widget(Clear, f.size()); //this clears the entire screen and anything already drawn
let popup_block = Block::default()
let exit_text = Text::styled(
"Would you like to output the buffer as json? (y/n)",
// the `trim: false` will stop the text from being cut off when over the edge of the block
let exit_paragraph = Paragraph::new(exit_text)
.wrap(Wrap { trim: false });
let area = centered_rect(60, 25, f.size());
f.render_widget(exit_paragraph, area);

The only thing in this part that we haven’t done before, is use the Clear widget. This is a special widget that does what the name suggests --- it clears everything in the space it is rendered.