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  • Introducing Ratatui: A Rust library to cook up terminal user interfaces (FOSDEM 2024)

    Feb 2024. A talk by Ratatui OG Orhun Parmaksız at FOSDEM 2024.

  • Starting a TUI Rust Application - A Postman Alternative

    Apr 2024. First in a series of videos by Buddy Lindsey about building a TUI Postman alternative using Ratatui.

  • Advent of Code 2019 - Day 07 // Rust Thread and Channels // Ratatui

    Jan 2024. A video by icub3d about using Ratatui to visualize the solution to an Advent of Code problem from 2019.

  • Rich Terminal Interfaces with Ratatui

    Aug 2023. A short talk by Chris Biscardi introducing Ratatui.

  • Ratatui (The Rustacean Station Podcast)

    Apr 2024. Allen Wyma talks with Orhun Parmaksız about Ratatui on the Rustacean Station Podcast.

  • Super awesome Terminal UIs (TUIs) in Rust using

    Feb 2024. In this tuturial, you will understand how to write composable components in your Terminal applications. The tuturial is extensible and can be extended to serve your different TUI development needs.