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UI - Editing Popup

Now that the Main screen is rendered, we now need to check if the Editing popup needs to be rendered. Since the ratatui renderer simply writes over the cells within a Rect on a render_widget, we simply need to give render_widget an area on top of our Main screen to create the appearance of a popup.

The first thing we will do, is draw the Block that will contain the popup. We will give this Block a title to display as well to explain to the user what it is.

if let Some(editing) = &app.currently_editing {
let popup_block = Block::default()
.title("Enter a new key-value pair")
let area = centered_rect(60, 25, f.size());
f.render_widget(popup_block, area);

Now that we have where our popup is going to go, we can create the layout for the popup, and create and draw the widgets inside of it.

First, we will create split the Rect given to us by centered_rect, and create a layout from it. Note the use of margin(1), which gives a 1 space margin around any layout block, meaning our new blocks and widgets don’t overwrite anything from the first popup block.

let popup_chunks = Layout::default()
.constraints([Constraint::Percentage(50), Constraint::Percentage(50)])

Now that we have the layout for where we want to display the keys and values, we will actually create the blocks and paragraphs to show what the user has already entered.

let mut key_block = Block::default().title("Key").borders(Borders::ALL);
let mut value_block = Block::default().title("Value").borders(Borders::ALL);
let active_style = Style::default().bg(Color::LightYellow).fg(Color::Black);
match editing {
CurrentlyEditing::Key => key_block =,
CurrentlyEditing::Value => value_block =,
let key_text = Paragraph::new(app.key_input.clone()).block(key_block);
f.render_widget(key_text, popup_chunks[0]);
let value_text = Paragraph::new(app.value_input.clone()).block(value_block);
f.render_widget(value_text, popup_chunks[1]);

Note that we are declaring the blocks as variables, and then adding extra styling to the block the user is currently editing. Then we create the Paragraph widgets, and assign the blocks with those variables. Also note how we used the popup_chunks layout instead of the popup_block layout to render these widgets into.