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Finally we have the file. Here, the update() function takes in two arguments:

  • key_event: This is an event provided by the crossterm crate, representing a key press from the user.
  • app: A mutable reference to our application’s state, represented by the App struct.
use crossterm::event::{KeyCode, KeyEvent, KeyModifiers};
use crate::app::App;
pub fn update(app: &mut App, key_event: KeyEvent) {
match key_event.code {
KeyCode::Esc | KeyCode::Char('q') => app.quit(),
KeyCode::Char('c') | KeyCode::Char('C') => {
if key_event.modifiers == KeyModifiers::CONTROL {
KeyCode::Right | KeyCode::Char('j') => app.increment_counter(),
KeyCode::Left | KeyCode::Char('k') => app.decrement_counter(),
_ => {}

Note that here we don’t have to check that key_event.kind is KeyEventKind::Press because we already do that check in and only send KeyEventKind::Press events on the channel.